Country Dance Lessons Houston TX

Country Dance Lessons Houston TX

Country Dance Lessons Houston TX

Country Dance Lessons Houston TX

Taking country dance lessons in Houston TX will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make!

The benefits gained from taking country dance lessons are far too numerous to list here. However, Houston is considered by many to be the epicenter for country dancing and your country dance lessons Houston will be something you will definitely use for many years to come.

Some of the most common benefits of taking country dance lessons in Houston given by our students are:

Meeting new people and making new friends - Increased physical activity - Acquiring more confidence in social situations - More fun and enjoyment out of life - Better health and emotional benefits - A relief from stress - A creative outlet to express yourself - Increased strength and flexibility - Creating or rekindling romance

3 Parts to Learning To Dance

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    Private country dance lessons are, quite possibly, the most important part of becoming a confident country dancer. There may be other dance lessons at the same time, but you will get 100% of your instructor's attention, learn at your own pace, and you can schedule your private country dance lessons Houston TX around your own schedule. We teach by appointment and private country dance lessons Houston are available mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends.

    We strongly recommend that all new students begin with a private country dance lesson and your first lesson and consultation is FREE!

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    In group classes, you have one instructor teaching a group of people at the same time. Group country dance classes are great to learn new patterns and variations. While you won't get the individual attention you need, group country dance classes are an excellent supplement to your private country dance lessons Houston TX.

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    Practice makes perfect, right? It's one thing to take country dance lessons in Houston TX and another to be able to dance what you've learned in a real social dance setting. There are many country dance clubs in Houston, so get out and dance! Practicing the steps you've learned during your country dance lessons in Houston TX is important in helping to retain what you've learned. There is no better way to practice than to just go country dancing!

The Dances:

Try a FREE Lesson!

Want to give it a try? We are happy to offer all new students a free private country dance lesson. Call us at (281) 541-2121 to schedule a free country dance lesson in Houston TX NOW!

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Anthony is extremely knowledgeable and pays attention to details and helped me be natural and confident on a crowded dance floor. He is very patient and encouraging, using analogies and laughter to help learn posture and steps. He is a pleasure to work with and very flexible when necessary. Anthony is professional and personable; and his attention to detail, reasonable pricing for private instruction, and great personality make Anthony a top choice for dance instruction. I'd highly recommend anyone take country dance lessons with him!

Debbie Roman

Learning various dances with Anthony Lewis as my dance instructor continues to be one of the highlights of my week. I look forward to each dance lesson and always leave feeling successful. Anthony makes dancing not only fun but educational as well. He provides history about each dance, and he relates personal experience from his studio work and travel. Anthony is confident and progressive in his teaching. I highly recommend him as an instructor!

Mary Elder

My wife talked me into taking a few country dance lessons with her and, at first, I was reluctant. For an uncoordinated guy with no rhythm like me, just the thought of having to get onto a dance floor in public was terrifying. Anthony and Rose are true professionals at what they do. After a couple of country dance lessons, I stopped trying to make excuses why we should cancel our lesson and starting really having fun with my wife. We always look forward to the next country dance lesson and are having the time of our lives together. To all of you guys like me who's wives are bugging them to dance, it's nothing like I thought it was going to be and has really brought a new level of fun and romance into our relationship. Go for it!

Dave Moore

I came to the dance studio with a friend to take a couple of dance lessons out of curiosity. Anthony created such a joyful, pleasant atmosphere, making every difficult move fun to learn, that those couple dance lessons became weeks and months of wonderful dancing experience. Never thought I would keep dancing for over a year now, still enjoying every minute of it. Thank you, Anthony, for helping me discover new talents I never thought I had, and introducing me to a wonderful world of dance!

Tanya Beylin