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Not Just Country!

  • While the Houston area is considered by many to be the "Country Dance Capital of the World", we don't just teach Two Step. CDH is located at Ballroom X Dance Studio and we have just as many students wanting to learn Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa, and Wedding Dance. We are looking for instructors who can teach any or all of these styles of partner dancing, and we will provide additional training to make you the best dancer you can be.

    Are you a professional instructor who specializes in Ballroom and/or Latin Dance? The right candidate will start their very first week with a full teaching schedule of the students who fit your teaching style and personality best.

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Now Hiring Instructors and Teachers in Training

  • Our dance studio is booming and we have waaaay more students than we can handle. We are hiring both experienced dance instructors, and are willing to train the right candidates to become "new student specialists".


  • Got skills? Have you taught ballroom, Latin, swing, salsa, or country dance? Got a great personality and love working with a team of fun, energetic dancers? We are looking for you!

  • It's quite simple. Bring us your experience and great attitude and we'll give you lots of students to teach and an excellent salary.

  • NEW STUDENT SPECIALIST: (no experience necessary)

    We are expanding our business and we are looking for (at least) 4-6 People Skilled Candidates to train to become Full Time Dance instructors.

    Brace yourself: You do not need any experience to apply for, or get, this job.

    Here's the pitch:

    1. Send over a regular resume and head shot of yourself
    2. From there, we bring in the best "people-people" for interviews.
    3. For all of those selected, we immerse them in a comfort zone altering boot camp
    4. When ready, we transition them into full time dance instructors.

    So, are you a Customer Service Rep, Restaurant Host/Hostess, Barista, Football Player, Soccer Coach, Theatre Geek, Amateur Filmmaker, Public Speaker, Personal Trainer, Camp Counselor, Majored in Changing Your Major, or are you just the life of the party?

    Congratulations, you have people skills. This could be the perfect job for you.

    NOTE: This is a horrible job if you prefer:
    1. Cubicles
    2. Anti-social behavior
    3. Very limited physical contact

    Through the training program you'll learn how to dance the Two Step, Swing, Salsa, and everything else you may have seen on TV.

    So if you're:
    -sick of the cubicle jungle, the khaki jungle, or the food service jungle.
    -If you traded your time for a degree you want nothing to do with.
    -If you're sick and tired of trading your artistic, athletic, or creative side for a 9 to 5...

    We might be the perfect job for you. All the perks of a creative dance job, with the security of a guaranteed full time base pay and opportunities to grow and expand.