Country Western Dance Lessons Houston

Country Western Dance Lessons Houston

Country Western Dance Lessons Houston

Country Western Dancing

Got 2 Left Feet? Nervous about Country Western Dancing?

Our instructors are full time, certified dance professionals who have taught thousands of people just like you their very first steps. We are sure that with the right instruction, you will agree that learning country western dancing in Houston will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make!

We say this often, but it is a truth that we have never met anyone who took Country Western Dance Lessons and regretted having learned. We have, however, met lots of people who said that they wished they would have begun sooner. You're never too old to get started. We have students in their 20s all the way up to their 80s.

Why Should I Learn?

Country Western Dancing in Houston is a long time Texas tradition! On most any night of the week, you can find thousands of people having a great time together with friends (or making new ones) while getting an excellent form of exercise. If you enjoy listening to country western music and wearing cowboy boots, we are sure you'll love country western dancing.

The Country Western Dances

  • 1

    Texas Two Step is, by far, our most requested style and is a "must know" for anyone wanting to go country western dancing in Houston. The basic steps of Two Step are quite easy to learn, and it only takes a few lessons until you're ready to grab your parter and hit the dance floors anywhere country music is played.

  • 2

    Considered a "dancer's dance", WCS is another popularly requested style. While WCS is commonly found in the country dance clubs in Houston, West Coast Swing can be danced to most any style of music and will be used often.

  • 3

    Definitely one of the most beautiful, traditional and elegant dances. As the basics are quite simple to learn for beginners, we can have you gracefully gliding to the music in just a few country western dance lessons Houston.

  • 4

    A Texas favorite. The steps are upbeat easy and seldom vary from the "triple step, triple step" rhythm.

  • 5

    We teach a variety of dances to fit most any type of country music. The Cha Cha isn't just popular on the Latin dance floor anymore!

  • 6

    A Texas original. While it is one of the lesser known styles, is beautiful and fun to learn.

  • 7

    Not to be confused with country two step, nightclub is used whenever a slow ballad, or love song is played.

  • 8

    Also known as Jitterbug, ECS is perfect for faster tempo music. Lots of turns, spins, and has a lively, upbeat "bounce".

Your Instructor:

Country Western Dance Lessons Houston

Anthony Lewis is one of the most sought after dance professionals for Country Western Dance Lessons Houston. Originally from Louisville KY, Anthony relocated to Houston in 2013. He has taught dance and appeared on TV shows on CMT and ABC and has taught celebrities appearing on Dancing With The Stars. While he also teaches ballroom, Latin, swing, and salsa, his favorite is by far Country Dancing.

Below is a clip from CMT in which Anthony teaches some new dancers their first dance lesson: