Polka Dance Lessons Houston TX

Polka Dance Lessons Houston TX

Polka Dance Lessons Houston

  • Let us show you how fun and easy learning Polka can be! Couples and singles are welcome. Our professional instructors will partner their single students. Couples will dance with each other under the guidance of their instructor. Our warm, friendly, and professional staff will make you feel comfortable from start to finish.

  • During your private polka dance lessons, you will always learn at YOUR pace. You don't need to be a great athlete or a "natural dancer", you just need a desire to learn polka and our proven method of instruction.


  • Your first private polka dance lesson is only $15! We would love to show you how fun and easy learning to dance can be. Whether you are a single or a couple, young or old, a beginner with two left feet or an experienced competitor, we'd love to help you reach your dance goals.

  • Your introductory private polka dance lessons can be scheduled by appointment 7 days a week (weekdays from 12pm to 10pm, and weekends from 10am to 6pm). The intro lesson is the best way to meet the teachers, see the studio and get an idea of what learning to dance will be like. It's also our way to learn about your personal dance goals, rate of learning, experience and help you get started.

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  • Polka is a very popular country dance in Houston. Possibly second only to Country Two Step, most country dance clubs in Houston play a lot of polka dance music so you'll use this dance often.

    Like Country Two Step, polka is a progressive dance and travels around the outside of the floor in a counter clockwise direction similar to a race track. Polka's pattern structure is also very similar to Country Two Step.

    The rhythm of polka rarely changes from the "triple step, triple step" timing and has a "lilted" styling which appears to have a bounce.